If there is one thing my experience as an American has taught me, it's that opinions vary widely and often cannot be reconciled. For this reason, I will from time-to-time be compelled to address my own political philosophy for the purpose of explaining where the heck I'm coming from. I will not be preaching philosophy, for I am in no position to say what is definitely right or wrong - that is up for each of us to decide.

The opinions expressed in this blog will ultimately be guided by my own conception of justice; what it means and how it operates as a guiding principle. My belief is that all humans are born as equals and that social, economic, and political institutions should reflect this reality. Obviously, this is closer to a dream than a reality - even in the US, discrimination is a major issue. For example, there is significant income disparity among men and women in the US. This situation is certifiably unjust because women are just as capable as men, not just three-quarters as capable. Obviously, there are much more complicated and extreme examples in the US and the world at large.

The world and its people are a product of history, a history which is not always worthy of praise. The 21st century is a turning point in this history because of the increasingly-networked nature of society. We are seeing the emergence of a truly global society, where information flows freely and ideas proliferate quickly. The world is a place of infinite complexity and will continue to be so. If we are to make it as a civilization, we must create a peaceful, prosperous, and just world for all people. If we can do that, we just might be able to make it off this rock by the time the sun goes nova!

With that said, any time I make a claim about something being "right or wrong" is the product of my own personal experiences and my understanding of the world, both of which are quite limited.